GeoDB Cities API

introducing the GeoDB cities api

When coding up a new site or the next great mobile app, do you really want to spend time figuring out how to get a list of cities in the user's state?

Come to think of it, do you even want to worry about how to list the states or regions in one of almost 200 countries?

Enter GeoDB

GeoDB is an online cities database. It exposes city, region, and country data via a REST JSON API. Let us handle the grunt work while you spend time implementing what matters.


  • Filter cities by name prefix, countries, location, time-zone, and minimum population (currently over 273,000 cities and counties).
  • Find cities near a city or location.
  • Display results in multiple languages (currently English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish).
  • Sort results by name, country code, elevation, and population - or any combination of these.
  • Get city details, including GPS location, time-zone, population, elevation above sea level, and the current time (factors in daylight savings).
  • Get all country regions, states, and provinces.
  • Get all cities in a given region.
  • Get all countries supporting a currency.
  • WikiData Integration
  • REST API adheres to industry best-practices, including HATEOAS-style links for paging results.
  • Cloud-based load-balanced infrastructure.
  • Data periodically refreshed from GeoNames and WikiData.

Getting Started

Getting StartedQuickly learn about GeoDB features and how to set up your coding environment.


Guides Get detailed help with typical GeoDB use-cases. These guides are intended to be short mini-tutorials on how to implement specific use-cases.


TutorialsGet in-depth walk-throughs on how to implement a feature from backend to UI.

API Reference & SDKS

API Reference Get details on all API operations and try them out right from within the page! Explore SDKs and sample code.