GeoDB Cities API

Take it Out for a spin

Subscribe To An API Plan

Access to GeoDB Pro tiers is mediated through RapidAPI, an API proxy service.

To try out one of the Pro tiers:

  1. Sign up to RapidAPI.
  2. Subscribe to either a GraphQL or REST API plan.

Give it A Spin

  1. See the available endpoints.
  2. Select an endpoint on the left.
  3. Fill out the required and optional parameters, which should all be described.
  4. Click Test Endpoint.
  5. You should see the response on the right.
  6. From here you can:
    • Drill down into the data and inspect the results.
    • Click the Code Snippets tab and select the language drop-down to see what the invocation would look like in the language/framework of your choice.

...Or Use the Free Instance

The free instance allows up to 86,400 requests/day. However, it has significantly less places (only places with populations greater than 40,0000).

Here's how to get cities from the free instance: