GeoDB Cities API

How accurate is your data?

GeoDB data leverages GeoNames and WikiData together, so it is as accurate as they are. If you feel some aspect of an existing city is incorrectly being reported, you may propose an edit to the corresponding data on either or both of those data sources. Your change, once made, should be pulled in the next day by GeoDB's daily refresh process.

Can I get a sample of your data for a given country or region?

You can get any sample of data you wish by signing up for the free Basic plan on RapidAPI and execute test requests to get data for any country or region. (Note that the Basic plan is hard-limited to 1000 requests/day.)

Why am I not getting all results in a single request?

For operations returning collections of results, GeoDB sets a cap on the maximum number of results that can be retrieved per request. This is done in order both mitigate potential DDoS attacks as well as to incentivize upgrades to higher-tier plans. Go here for details on how to handle paginated results.

The self-hosted plan requires a connection to an external database. Isn't this a performance issue?

GeoDB uses an external database to retrieve the entire dataset on startup only. Any requests issued against GeoDB are executed against a local in-memory copy of this data. GeoDB also periodically accesses the external database in order to make sure it has the latest data, but this is an asynchronous process and the sync frequency is configurable on a cron schedule.

What guarantee can you give that you'll be here tomorrow?

GeoDB is a self-sustaining service and intended to be up and running as long as it has even a single user. However, we understand that certain users may require additional assurances and protections. If this is your situation, contact us about setting up a separate contractual agreement whereby GeoDB is held in software escrow and is fully released to you in the event the service no longer meets its obligations as specified in the contract.

Here are a few possible software-escrow providers: