GeoDB Cities API


GeoDB offers a free instance, allowing up to 1 request/sec (86,400 requests/day) to any of the available endpoints. (If you're using this instance and want to earn extra karma points, we would be very grateful if you provide an attribution link somewhere to this site.)

If the free instance is too limiting, check out one of the Pro tiers.  To test your integration with the Pro tiers, follow the steps here to sign up and get an API key. (NOTE: You won't need an API key for the Self-Hosted tier, which requires a separate license.)

  Free Pro $10/mo Ultra $25/mo Self-Hosted $50/mo
Rate Limit (Requests/Sec)11050Unlimited
$ Per Extra RequestX0.00010.00001NONE
Max Result Paging Size51001000Unlimited
Data RestrictionsPopulation >= 40,000NONENONENONE
Database Refresh FrequencyMonthlyDailyDailyDaily



The Self-Hosted tier allows you to host GeoDB on-premises. This has the following advantages:

  • Full control over your own dedicated in-house instance
  • No result paging-size restrictions
  • No request-throttling limits
  • Unlimited requests
  • No need for a RapidAPI key since you are now hitting your own instance directly
  • Performance benefits due to reliance on a dedicated instance, removal of RapidAPI proxy layer, and potential colocation with consuming clients
  • License allows for up to 5 instances for load-balancing and scalability

Sign Up For 14-day Free Trial


After sign-up, follow the instructions in the license-activation email you should have received in order to download and install the GeoDB Docker image. (Check your spam folder. If you don't receive this email within 10 minutes after sign-up, contact us.)