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GeoDB offers a Free tier, allowing up to 5 requests/sec per unique IP (432,000 requests/day) to any of the available endpoints. With this generous offering, you should in many cases be able to get away scot-free, and we promise not to call the cops. (If you're on the free tier and want to earn extra karma points, we would be very grateful if you provide an attribution link somewhere to this site.)

If that's not enough though, check out one of the Pro tiers.  (To test your integration with the Pro tiers, follow the steps here to sign up and get an API key.)


Pro: $10/mo

Ultra: $25/mo

Mega: $50/mo

$ Per Extra RequestX0.00010.000010.000001
Max Result Paging Size51001001000
Database Refresh FrequencyMonthlyDailyDailyDaily